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CWE™ collaborates to provide new opportunities for well-being and connectedness, enhancing the quality of life in how we learn, work, play and invest.

Connecting Windsor Essex™

At the speed of life


High Speed Communications Services,

Fibre Optic Construction and Installation Services.

The purpose of this Request for Information (RFI) is to determine service providers, vendors, contractors and other related companies that would be available to provide services to the Connecting-Windsor Essex consortium.

CWE is reviewing a broad strategy of potential solutions for the needs of their WAN communications. In preparation for a future WAN Services Request-For-Proposal (RFP), CWE is gathering information from potential service providers who may have offerings that could be utilized in the deployment of a shared WAN infrastructure for the group. CWE is exploring a wide range of WAN architectures and is reaching out to potential suppliers to ensure that any and all alternatives for service or construction of network infrastructure are taken into consideration.

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About Connecting Windsor-Essex™

The Windsor and Essex County Smart Community, through its Connecting Windsor-Essex™ activities, provides participant organizations, entities, families, and individuals with community engagement, governance, access to infrastructure and online services, as well as smart results that demonstrate new opportunities for well-being and connectedness.

The governance of CWE™ is comprised of a Board of Directors, a Board Executive, CWE™ Stakeholders, and CWE™ Consortium members, using WEDnet™ - an optical Regional Advanced Network which delivers high-speed connectivity for health, education, municipal & industrial sectors.

CWE™ has enjoyed successful collaborations with the Asthma Research Group Windsor-Essex County Inc. and the Victorian Order of Nurses, creating applications that improve quality of life for those suffering from chronic conditions. Read more about CWE's™ accomplishments in our Annual Report.

CWE™ Stakeholders enjoy benefits including high speed internet access with cost-effective savings for organizations & employees, wireless/mobility with unprecendented carrier group rates, engagement with other Intelligent Community members, URL & IP addressing support, and active involvement in the continued evolution of Windsor-Essex into a leading Intelligent Community.



WEDNet™ operates on non-profit basis to provide CWE™ with governance and support for the delivery of smart services in health care, municipal government, education and private sector.

Top 21 Intelligent Community 2010
Top 7 Intelligent Community 2011

Intelligent Communities

In 2010, Windsor-Essex was recognized globally as one of the Smart 21 communities by the Intelligent
Community Forum. In 2011, the region was recognized as one of the Top 7 Most Intelligent Communities in the
world! An Intelligent Community is one that applies the following Best Practices:






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